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How to Use The Frank Vital Blender


  • Prepare the fruit by cutting them into 1.5cm then add water or milk to 30%-60%.
  • Turn your blender on and it should take 40sec 
  • Gently shake your blender to for a better results.
  • Turn it off and enjoy your healthy snack
  • when charged fully you will get a blue light or red when battery is low..

Using it for the First time:

  • when blending, avoid overfilling or big fruit pieces and  mixing without water as the blades may get stuck.
  • If the blade is stuck upside down the machine so that the blades can start to run.
  • opening the the lid during motor running may cause the fruit particles splash out.
  • Its appropriate to control the capacity of the blender under the 80% cup body.

 For the best results, do not over fill.